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Keto Diet Meal Plan and Menu that can Transform Your Body


Keto Diet Meal Plan and Menu that can Transform Your Body


Are you wondering how to choose the proper weight loss strategy from the pool of weight loss techniques and diet menus? You are not alone! Following the trend is quite common and the trend shouts keto! Few minutes spent on the internet can give you an idea of what ketosis is, different keto diets and easy keto meals. What’s important is to remember how to do it in the right way. Here are the ways to use keto diet wisely to shed those extra pounds from the body. Besides, the ultra fast keto boost also helps in your keto journey. Looking to know more? Here you go!

Keto Diet Explained

The primary aim of a ketogenic diet is to make the body enter the state of ketosis. This happens through fat metabolism, where in a ketogenic state, the body primarily uses fat to give energy to the body instead of burning carbohydrates. This is possible only when the carbohydrate content is low which facilitates fats to be converted to ketones which are burned to give energy and the process called ketosis.

Easy Keto Meals

The ketogenic diet is widely popular for its significant weight loss in a few months. The easy keto meal plans which are very low in carbs and high in fat work out the magic inside your body along with other additional health benefits. Along with weight loss keto diet is also found to be effective for diabetes and epilepsy. Studies have shown that it is also beneficial for certain types of cancers and Alzheimer’s disease too.

A typical keto diet can have 20 to 50 grams of carbohydrates per day. Wondering how to do it? Though this might seem quite challenging, there are many nutritious foods that can easily fit in the keto diet.

Keto Diet Explained

Here we give you an idea of some healthy foods that you can consume in an easy keto meal. Follow this easy keto meal plan and see the magic keto can do to your weight loss journey.

1.      Eggs

The healthiest and easy to get food for a keto diet are eggs. One large egg contains less than 1 gram of carbs and 6 grams of protein making it the ideal food for those who want to follow a ketogenic lifestyle. Eggs can keep you satiated for long and give you feelings of fullness for long. While consuming eggs, do not miss the yellow yolk as it contains most of the egg’s nutrients, including antioxidants that are good for the eyes. The yellow yolk is rich in nutrients that lower the cholesterol, not raise it.

2.      Sea foods

When it comes to Keto, sea foods are the best. Sea foods are very keto friendly. Fish like Salmon, trout and other fish are rich in B vitamins, potassium, and selenium while being very low in carb. These fish are very high in omega-3 fats that are vital to ensure good nutrition to each of your cells. Additionally frequent fish intake takes care of your cognitive health by improving your memory power, ability to think clearly, and improves your motor skills.  If you love seafood, then make different keto recipes out of it and enjoy your keto meal.

3.      Low carb Vegetables

When it comes to vegetables non starchy ones are those you must choose for a keto diet. They are very low in carbs containing less calories but high in many essential nutrients which are vital to the body. Vegetables rich in fibre are a big YES to keto diet while those starchy yams or potatoes are a big NO. These starchy foods can easily shoot up your carb limit for a day and so keep them away from keto. The good news about vegetables is that they have more antioxidants that help protect against free radicals which are unstable molecules that cause cell damage. With a proper keto diet you can also improve your skin tone and enrich your body with energy.

Studies have shown that cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, kale, broccoli, radish etc are good for your heart and also reduce the risk of cancer.

Here’s a list of keto friendly veggies to be included in easy keto meals.

·         Avocado

·         Arugula

·         Asparagus

·         Broccoli

·         Brussels sprout

·         Cabbage

·         Cauliflower

·         Radish

·         Turnip

·         Daikon

·         Collard greens

·         Watercress

·         Spinach

·         Kale

·         Bell Peppers (green ones contain less carbs than red and yellow)

·         Lettuce

·         Cucumber

·         Olives

·         Tomatoes

·         Zucchini

The net carb in these veggies range from 1 to 8 grams per cup. They help in keeping you active and also improve your immunity.

4.      Cheese

The best ingredient that can make your food delicious with low carb and high fat is undoubtedly cheese. One ounce of Cheddar cheese has just 1 gram of carbohydrates, 6.5 grams of protein and a good amount of calcium. Though cheese is high in saturated fat, it does not increase risk of heart disease. It contains conjugated linolenic acid, a fat that is linked to reducing fat in the body and providing better body composition. Regular consumption of cheese helps in reducing the loss of muscle mass and strength that occurs with ageing. Here’s a list of keto cheese which can make a good keto meal.

Keto Cheese list

·         Blue cheese

·         Cheddar

·         Goat cheese

·         Cottage cheese

·         Limburger

·         Cream cheese

·         Mozzarella

·         Pepper jack

·         String cheese

·         Swiss cheese

·         Romona

·         Havarti

·         Feta

It’s time to say cheese!!!

5.      Yogurt

These are healthy high protein foods and can be used in moderation in keto diet. It helps in reducing the appetite and accelerates feelings of fullness. You can combine yogurt with cottage cheese and topped with nuts and other spices for a quick keto treat.  

 6.      Coconut oils / MCT Oil

Another best ingredient in keto diet is coconut oil, which when included in your keto diet meal plan can work wonders. The unique properties of coconut oil, makes it converted into ketones directly by the liver. They are also used as a great source of energy. It helps weight loss for those who are obese and have belly fat. Coconut oil is rich in MCT (Medium-chain triglycerides) which can increase the production of ketones. Additionally it also increases the metabolic rate of the body and helps in reducing belly fat. Apart from coconut oils there are also MCT oils available which you can get from online stores and make best use of in your keto diet.  

 7.      Avocados

Avocado is another easy keto meal ingredient that is low in carbs. Though 100 grams of avocado contains 9 grams of carbs, 7 grams out of it are rich in fibre and hence the net carb consumed by the body is just 2 grams. Isn’t that amazing? You get to eat delicious keto meal plans with avocados that are rich in vitamins and minerals which people normally don’t get in other foods. So don’t forget to include them in your keto diet.

8.      Meat

Fresh meat contains no carbs and is rich in vitamin B and other essential minerals. They contain high quality protein which helps in preserving muscle as in a low carb diet. Animals that feed on grass contain higher amounts of omega 3 fats, linoleic acid and antioxidants than meat from grain fed animals. It’s preferable that you always use meat from grass fed animals as here the omega 3 : omega 6 ratio is non inflammatory as against grain fed animals that we get from commercial farms where the omega 3 : omega 6 ratio is inflammatory and hence avoidable.

  9.      Berries

It’s so hard to pick fruits with less carbs and berries are a blessing for the keto diet. They contain low carbs and are rich in fibre. Raspberries and blackberries contain as much as fibre as carbs. These tiny berries are packed with the goodness of antioxidants that are helpful in anti ageing, inflammation and improving immunity. So include strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries into your keto diet and stay tuned to fitness.  

 10.  Butter

Butter is good fat which has to be a major part of the keto diet. It is safe to consume butter as saturated fat has no link to heart disease. However there is no harm in consulting your doc’s advice on this if you are hesitant to add butter to your keto diet. Like cheese, butter is also rich in conjugated linoleic acid, the most important fatty acid that helps in fat loss.  

11.  Nuts and Seeds

These can be your best companion when you are on keto diet as all the nuts are healthy, contain high fat and are low in carbs. They also support your physical and emotional well being and help in overcoming depression and other chronic diseases. These high fibre nuts keeps you satiated all day long and gives you a feeling of fullness.  Here is a list of nuts that you can consume in keto diet and the amount of net carbs they contain in grams.

·         Flax seeds – 0 grams

·         Brazil nuts – 1 gram

·         Chia seeds – 1 gram

·         Walnuts – 2 grams

·         Almonds – 2 grams

·         Pumpkin seeds – 3 grams

·         Sesame seeds – 3 grams

·         Pistachios – 5 grams

·         Cashews – 8 grams

12.  Unsweetened Tea and Coffee

The best refreshing carb free drinks are tea and coffee. However, remember to have them unsweetened. Coffee contains caffeine which helps in increasing your metabolism and keeps you alert. It also helps in improving your mood. Those who consume coffee have less risk of diabetes. So enjoy the refreshing coffee or tea without adding refined sugar. If you want to make your coffee or tea creamier, there is no harm in adding heavy cream. But remember to stay away from light coffee or tea latte as they are made with nonfat milk which contains high carbs.

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